The Eckleburg Workshops (Beta Coming Soon…)


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Why Online Workshops?

Online writing workshops present the best of both worlds for creative writers: creative isolation and group interaction. In an individualized setting, your Eckleburg writing instructor will offer both authorial and teaching successes to help you leverage your words. The New Yorker article by Louis Menand, “Show or Tell: Should Creative Writing be Taught?” proposes the perrineal question of whether or not writers can be taught or must be born. Our stance at The Eckleburg Workshops is that writers can be shown many creative writing skills and be encouraged to explore voice through the practice of these skills as well as the observation of these skills in both master and developing narratives. It is our stance that creative writing can be sculpted and nurtured and is best taught by published authors and experienced writing teachers. This is what we give you in each and every writing course.

Register Today

Register for two or more workshops in the same order and receive a 20% discount. Limited time and availability. This course is all online and offers individualized feedback on your work. It runs for four weeks and begins the first Sunday of the month. You will have all week to complete your lessons and will not need to login at particular times during the week, but rather, when it is convenient to your schedule. Weekly deadlines are set by your instructor and are usually set Sunday evenings. You will have access to class, peer and instructor interaction throughout the week, as part of the forum sections located on each lesson page.